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Glass combinations evolve renewing and optimizing their thermal, safety or acoustic characteristics, which is why we offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your expectations.

Transform glass for multiple industries. And we have a design team that can support you in specifying the ideal glass to meet the needs of the project.

We offer high quality Glass and meet the needs of the market with competitive prices and prompt deliveries.


Vetriko HS

Float glass is heat-treated, making it 2-3 times harder to resist thermal shock and mechanical loads.

v5 templado.jpg

Vetriko T

The tempering process makes it 5 times stronger than float glass, improving structural and impact resistance.

v5 copia 2.png

Vetriko LAM

Laminated glass is made up of two or more sheets of glass joined together by one or more interlayers. It is safety, acoustic glass and provides 99% UV protection.

v5 copia 3.png

Vetriko IG

Chamber glass is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, with energy savings that exceed 50%. The air chamber reduces heat transfer between interior and exterior. The greater the thickness  of the chamber, the more hermetic the set will be, up to a certain point.

Transform your way of seeing the world.
We are the best glass processing company in Ecuador.


Vetriko Provides the following services

  • monolithic glasses

  • laminated glass

  • Straight

  • Shapes

  • with more than 140 Shapes

  • Holes, circular holes

  • Milled, openwork with Shapes

  • Industrial polished edging

  • Bright polished edging

  • Dead edge.

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