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The windows are the walls of the court. They are used because of their ability to provide good visibility and attractive aesthetics. They must comply with safety regulations in terms of resistance, glass thickness.

Most Used Glasses

Tempered glass

It is a type of glass that undergoes a rapid heating and cooling process to increase its resistance to bending and impacts.


Laminated glass

It is made up of two layers of glass separated by an empty air chamber. In their configuration they can be both tempered glass and raw glass according to the needs.


This type of glass is more resistant to impacts than tempered glass and is useful for high traffic areas or in areas where there is a risk of vandalism.

Most Used Colors


vetriko glass protect.png
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With Vetriko Glass Protect

Without Vetriko Glass Protect

Vetriko Glass Protect is a product which you can order to be applied to your glasses that are going to be processed in our Vetriko factory.

It can be applied to interior or exterior glass: floated, laminated, insulated and tempered, on 1 or both sides.


Vetriko customer service

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