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Of glass


Our modern plant and state-of-the-art software allow us to optimize material and time, obtaining a quality product in a more agile and efficient way, complying with environmental regulations and international standards.


Online System

Our system offers registered Professionals (for more information register WhatsApp) the ability to select more than 140 templates, draw, quote, place production orders and track them online.


Smart Warehouse

It provides the speed of automatically selecting the glass sheets that are needed for the orders, ensuring speed and efficiency in the process.

cutting tables

They use the latest technology and are integrated into our production system to optimize the material. These tables cut in one or two axes and we have a number of different ways to cut glass. We can cut Glass with maximum measurements of 2700 x 3700 mm



We have a state-of-the-art technology tempering machine that allows us to temper and heat harden glass with a minimum size: 200 x 400 mm up to a maximum size: 6,100 x 3,300 mm. The quality of our glasses is assured, with an automated tempering process.


Treatment of glass edges/edges

  • For straight glass we can give the following finishes:

    • dead edge

    • industrial polishing

    • polished bright

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Treatment of glass edges/edges

  • For round glasses we can give the following finishes:

    • dead edge

    • industrial polishing

    • polished bright

    • Bright Polished Half Round

    • Bright Polished Pigeon Chest

insulation line

  • Our insulation line is automated, which maximizes quality and optimizes time for our customers. We work with flexible spacers which have a higher thermal coefficient than standard spacers.

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insulated line

  • We have a sealing robot for polysulfite and structural silicone, which guarantees superior quality in the edge of the glass.

  • We also have the possibility of filling the interior of the chamber with argon,


Factory Flow

We have designed our flow to optimize time in the processing of our products. Additionally, we have additional accessories such as pneumatic arms with suction cups, cranes with suction cups and conveyor tables that speed up the process and minimize the exposure of our operators to accidents.

water optimization

According to the UN, the most important source of water pollution is the lack of adequate management and treatment of human, industrial and agricultural waste. The lack of planning is contaminating the habitat in which we live. The reuse of water is our way of contributing to a sustainable manufacturing system for glass processing. It is precisely because of water pollution and the impact that this has on people's health, that sustainable projects must be generated, both residential, commercial and industrial. Therefore, the new industrial glass plant was conceptualized, built and currently operates consuming water responsibly and without generating polluting waste. The water plant serves to recycle and clean the water that enters the production process, saves us water resources, is environmentally friendly, and guarantees us to have quality water for the process.



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