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With Vetriko Glass Protect

Without Vetriko Glass Protect

Vetriko Glass Protect is a product which you can order to be applied to your glasses that are going to be processed in our Vetriko factory.

It can be applied to interior or exterior glass: floated, laminated, insulated and tempered, on 1 or both sides.



• Creates an invisible and durable barrier on the glass, which
It allows to repel more the water and the dirt.
• Glass cleaning becomes easy and fast.
• Water spots on glass are minimized.
• Up to 10 years of protection.
• Can be reapplied in 8 years by a professional.


Each idea is unique, we develop exclusive and innovative solutions according to the aesthetics and philosophy of each project.


Vetriko customer service

Hello, write to us to answer any questions or make your request

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